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Design Observer has an interesting article this morning about the sad state of Graphic Design as a profession and the half-assed technical schools that try to convince aimless youth to abandon their workaday drudgery and become a photoshop jockey.

It's part "Oh, what has become of our profession?" and part "Look at the tacky crap that these schools put out there. How can they call themselves a design school if they can't even put out well designed solicitations?" and it's pretty accurate. You know it breaks my heart every time I see one of these ads, or whenever someone contacts me about a job at ohTwentyone and then sends me a portfolio full of crap and a resume with Woodward College or some other school that advertises on TV.

When oh when will the AIGA (or GAG) start offering some sort of accredited certification? These same schools prey on the culinary arts as well, but they have a system in place to offer a verifiable level of skill and expertise.