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So, I have been having this problem lately, and I think that I have found the root of all my problems. I think that I have been in denial about how much I really care about things. You see most people go to work do what is asked of them and then go home. I feel the need to ask questions and discover new and better ways, push issues and try to make the world that I work in a better place for all (employees and clients) and you know what this has led me to? Sleepless nights! Last night, in denial about how much working on these families (and them not working) was really bothering me I was awake for about an hour trying to figure out how to rescript the syntax of the files so that the program would understand the check boxes and after meeting with the Revit expert he explained the soluntions was in bionary and so I figured it out in the middle of the night!!! What is wrong with me, I apparently care so much about this stupid family configuration and making it perfect that I will sacrifice sleep - and in case people didn't know I love sleep! So how does a person stop caring so much or at least deal with acknowelding that they do care about these stupid little things! Why must I give 150% why can I not give just 95% without feeling like a giant A for not giving more?!? crazy