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A little while ago my 28mm-70mm telephoto lens for my SD-14 decided to give up the ghost. I've been shopping for a replacement for a while (and shooting EVERYTHING through my 70mm-300mm in the meantime), and I've had mixed experience in getting something I can use for what I need, a telephoto lens that will do moderately wide shots to moderately long ones. I've ordered some, had them arrive broken, or get put on backorder. Well, I've finally decided to stop screwing around and buy a good lens that will really do what I want, because I'll be photographing a metal fabrication shop in the near future and I'll need both wide and long shots. So, I bit the bullet and bought the lens you see above. It's an 18mm-200mm with an Optical Stabilizer (making it easier to capture razor-sharp images) and an internal focus system, meaning that the front of the lens doesn't rotate when it focuses...making it perfect for use with polarizing filters and other ring-mounted accessories that are a pain in the ass to setup and can be ruined with one twist of the focus ring.

Anyway, I am super happy about this purchase. It's wider than my previous widest lens, and almost as long as my long telephoto. It's very versatile.

Oh, and I found it brand new for about 1/3rd of Sigma's MSRP. wink