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I've been trying to put together a concise list of the design books I own, because this time every year Nancy asks me to give my Amazon wishlist a little extra attention; and I have been having a little trouble because I keep my design book collection in two different places: My home and my office.

I remembered Wes mentioning to me that there was software that allows Mac users to use their iSight camera as a barcode scanner and quickly gather information about the books you own through I sought it out, downloaded it, tried it out, and ultimately bought it. It's called Delicious Library, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has a library of expensive books (like design, or architecture books), CDs, Software, or anything else that has an ISBN code and would cost a ton to replace.

When you've cataloged your books you can publish that catalog to the web (using mobileMe) to help people not buy you duplicate books...if you're the type of nerd who likes to get books on gift giving occasions.

You can check mine out here:

Now, go buy me a book that's not on the list. ;-)