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logoLounge (3k image)Last Friday I got a very cool e-mail. It was from Bill Gardner, the head of Gardner Design, and the co-author and editor of Logo Lounge. It was to inform me that two logos that I submitted to had been selected for inclusion in Logo Lounge Vol.5. For those of you who don't know this sort of thing, Logo Lounge is a big annual international compendium of the best logo designs in the world.

It's juried by a bunch of well-respected international logo designers, and is the top-selling book in Rockport's lineup of design books...which puts it right up there with the top-selling of all design books. With any luck it'll mean an influx of work from people who prize good design in about 6 months.

At any rate it gives me the right to claim to be an award winning designer, and it gives me a little constructive reinforcement from a jury of people I respect. Yay me.