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We've undergone some big changes here at the offices of The Croney Team & ohTwentyone. New cork floors, new wall color, a new floor plan, and fancy new half-walls built by yours truly.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I really enjoy the new office. Especially since I got myself a new monitor that I am totally in love with. Check it out!

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Yes, it's a 30" monitor.
Yes, it's nearly the width of my desk.
Yes, it's beautiful, bright, and color-accurate.

No, it is not a toy; and No, it isn't great for watching movies on (it has 3.5 times the resolution of a standard DVD, so it requires a fair amount of interpolation); and No, I didn't buy it for FUN.

For a designer a bigger monitor is like a bigger desk.
It's work space.
It's the ability to have 1280 pixel wide screens for both my source code and my browser preview.
It's the ability to draw a logo at a size where I can see what the hell I am doing. Without zooming.
It's the ability to edit photos in a size where I can see the slight variations in focus that normally only rear their ugly head when you see them in print.
It's the ability to set type on a letter sized document and read it at the same time.
It's the ability to edit 1080p video and still have room for menus.

Frankly, I'm tired of the inferences that pieces of equipment that I buy for my business are toys. I can't help it if you picked a lame career. wink