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So, some of you already know that my prized SD-14 experienced a catastrophic failure while we were traveling on the east coast. It broke my heart just a little bit. I wanted that camera for so long, and I never thought I could afford it, and then I could, and it takes such beautiful pictures. To have it just stop working 8 months after I bought it was just a gigantic disappointment.

This is one of the beautiful pictures I took on our trip.

So, I shipped it off to Sigma with a detailed description of what was wrong with it, and what I had done to attempt to remedy it. I was fully expecting to wait six weeks and have it sent to Japan and all this terrible stuff that I've read about on the internet. I have some things coming up where I will need a camera, and I was expecting to have to rent one and all this crap that I really didn't want to do.

It arrived last friday. I called on Monday. They told me to call on Friday. So, I did and they gave me a tracking number for a UPS shipment that went out on the 20th and will arrive here on the 25th. So, my response was, "Well, that was quick. What was wrong with it?"

The short answer is, it died. They replaced the camera, no questions asked, no lengthy diagnosis process, no sending it to Japan, no waiting six weeks. I just get a new one...and it'll be here on the 25th. Yay!