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So, this is just a little frustration that I need to vent: The Stock Market is RETARDED.

Here's why: Apple (my favorite company, or rather, the only of my favorite companies that I own stock in) just announced KILLER revenue and profit for last quarter. Insane. Really. iPod sales continue at a level that I cannot understand, although "flat" inasmuch that they aren't selling much MORE than previous quarters. Macs are selling like hot cakes. They are the ONLY PC manufacturer who is gaining market share, and they have recently been bumped from 5th to tied for 3rd with Toshiba.

So, why is their stock down $14 at 9:30 in the AM the day after the announcement?

The iPod slumping is not the beginning of the end; the Mac hitting 8% market share is the beginning of the beginning. It's days like this I wish I had $15000 to buy another 100 shares of Apple stock right now.

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On Wednesday, July 23rd, DOD said

Geeeeee .... think I'll call my broker and buy more. An analysis I did about 6 months ago showed Apple has a Trading Value of $375 a share. Buy when it's low, sell when it's high.