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So, over the weekend we had a party for Kevin's birthday/summer/house fun! Anyway, I decided that it would be a good chance to launch cake-itecture! (And if anyone has better ideas for spelling I'm open to suggestions) Not only did I not use a pound cake but it was beautiful, and yes there are pictures (I'll post them soon). The cake was made to look like our house and while I learned a couple of handy tricks to remember, it was a tasty success!

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On Monday, June 16th, Nicole said

Bad news, cake-itecture is already taken. I am now discussing new names. Here is the list so far: Arcaketecture, Archi-Cakes, Landmark Cakes. Let me know your thoughts

On Monday, June 16th, jon said

Pictures, please.


On Thursday, June 19th, DOD said

big grin big grin big grin I like Archi-Cakes