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"Well, Jon," some of you would say, "Of course it it. Can't you see, it's $199? Duh!"

Well, this morning Gizmodo posted an interesting matrix, which I am blatantly stealing to illustrate the point to which most people are short-sighted.

iphone3gpricecomp2 (67k image)

My only disappointment with this Matrix is that it doesn't compare the various other "legacy" smartphones, like the Treo™, the Blackberry™, and the SideKick™. I'm pretty sure lots of them are more expensive to use too...I know that AT&T's "Smartphone Connect" plan for the Treo is expensive as hell.

It all comes back to something that I always find myself explaining to people: The 1st Gen iPhone plan is a steal of a deal. I was already an AT&T subscriber, using my Nokia E62 to do much of the same stuff, but it was costing me $30 in data overages month-to-month because the unlimited Data plan cost $50 on top of my voice plan. I am saving between $30 and $50 a month on that alone.

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On Tuesday, June 17th, Chrissie said know people who know people who hook you up so you get the phone you want, the plan you want - every single time - and it only costs you $20.