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Okay, so here's something cool, and it's for Mac users (I'm sure there has to be something similar for PC users, but I don't care).

It's called, and it's a program that turns your favorite websites into desktop long as you're connected to the internet.

Why is that so cool? Well, here's why: There are lots of cool tools on the net these days, Google Docs, Google Apps for your Domain, BaseCamp, Flickr, Picassa, .Mac, etc...but to use them you have to do this:
1. Open your browser.
2. Navigate to the Site.
3. Start using it.

Not too hard, I know. Unless you're also doing something else in your browser, or you start doing something else in your browser...and you accidentally close the thing you were doing in that online tool, or find yourself with a million browser windows or tabs open. Anyway, it can be a pain, and I know I find myself accidentally closing something I was working on all the time. (There are roughly 700 entries on this blog...but there would be at least 100 more if I weren't an absent minded dufus who closes his browser accidentally.)

So, what fluid does is take a light version of Safari, load up your website that you want to use as an app, and then package it in a way that it can save it as a program on your computer. This makes totally awesome sense for people who use online tools, because you can then do all kinds of fun stuff like:
1. Launch it quickly with Spotlight
2. Flip to it with Exposť or Cmd-Tab
3. Avoid accidental closing or loading-over the content in your browser
4. Avoid some useless flash banner ad crashing your GoogleDocs session
5. Put the resulting "App" in your Dock, like other apps.
6. Set Preferences for individual "Apps"/Sites

In short, Totally Rad. Now, I am going to go set up my Google Calendar App. wink