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So, yesterday I posted an entry about celebrity endorsements and poked fun at a popular personality. At risk of incurring a rash of similar hate-mail and blog comments, I will not mention the celebrity by name. Apparently the hunky former-opera-singer-cum-television-personality fanbase is absurdly large, and extremely vocal.

Anyway, I wasn't even really concerned with Mr. Celebrity. What pisses me off is that every time I see one of these HP ads they attempt to take the work of really talented, really creative professional designers, animators, musicians, etc.; and somehow embue their products with the skills, creativity, and talent those people possess.

For those that care, the specific commercials are after the jump.

Yeah, HP helps you build your brand? No. Designers, Writers, Art Directors, and even more than that, YOUR CUSTOMERS build your brand.

The Gwen Stephani one really pisses me off too.

"Explore your creativity" by filling out forms developed by real creatives, approved by Gwen Stephani, and paid for by HP. How about this? Pick up a pencil, paintbrush, instrument, camera, etc. and make something yourself. Creativity is not having good taste.

This one also pisses me off because it devalues the work of professional creatives on another level: it likens it to magic. Creativity is not magic. It's a process, and it's a skill. It is not divine intervention. To suggest otherwise is to discount the skills and abilities of its practitioners.

It only frustrates me more that Gwen is a talented musician in her own right. She should know better.

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On Tuesday, June 3rd, Nicole said

I'm so proud, my brother stickin' it to the man and not steppin' down from his hate mail! I guess that this is the cause and effect from public forms everyone has the right to an opinion and some people are adored more than others.