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So I realize that it's been a while for me but I just wanted to fill people in, I cut my hair off (again) now it is very Allyssia Milano_esc.

Oh and in case you didn't hear I've been benched from rock climbing after last weeks tumble from 12', were I twisted my ancle and landed on my elbow, which even though it's been a week I'm still black and blue all over my inner elbow and I don't have full mobility back on bending and reaching. So yeah, that's it -- I hope everyone else is doing lovely.

Kevin and I are having a birthday party in his honor on the 14th, not that we expect family but you guys are more than welcome!

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On Wednesday, June 4th, Nicole said

Joc- I took picture of my arm, even though it is almost done being yucky and I will post them soon.