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So, I saw an ad for the new VW Tiguan the other day and thought "Wow. Cool. Toureg2 is a little too big for me, and a little too expensive, maybe I shold think about that." So, today I finally had some time to check out the VW website for some info on the Tiguan.

Turns out, it's pretty much the new Forester. Seriously.

I've assembled a little graphic that lets you directly compare their form factor and sheet metal, but know this: the engine is a four cylinder turbo that makes 200 bhp. (The Forester's turbo powered 4 cylinder makes 224.) It gets 25 miles per gallon highway, compared to the Forester's 24 (for the turbo), its wheelbase is 102.5", compared to the Forester's 103", the interior volumes are extremely similar (although the Forester has better legroom) and they have fairly similar curb weight and towing capacity. They even fall into similar price points. They're in that $25-30,000 price point.

Here's the thing though: The cheapest Forester is barely under $20,000. You have the option of getting a Forester without the Turbo, which gets 26 miles to the gallon, and you can get a LL Bean Edition with all the leather, the Sportronic™ transmission, and all the other bells and whistles (except the turbo, duh) for $26,000...or the Turbo Ltd. version for $28,000. Not a single version tops $30,000, unlike the Tiguan.

Winner: Forester

PS - Christ, I want a new car. wink