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So over the weekend Kevin and i had a "serious" discussion about the house. You see I want to tear stuff apart and he wants to fix stuff up (basically upstairs verses downstairs). We got to talking about how long we really want to stay in the house. I mean we know we'll be there for at least 3-5 years or so but how much longer than that (or how much should we do in that time). We don't want to do work we won't be there to enjoy. So we are staying with neutral colors and keeping things open and inviting but we aren't going to rip out any major walls (we probably won't end up touching the kitchen- well we might still update the knobs and such but that's it). But looking around we decided we probably won't be there until the kids phase of our life (which is a ways off). But it made me realize how even semi-permanent things are really actually temporary and it isn't always worth it to take life so seriously - tomorrow it might not even matter.