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What? Two posts from Jon on the same day? WTF? Get used to it kids, I'm gonna make it a point to post up here more often...about design stuff. I encourage Nicole and Kevin to do the same. wink

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I really enjoy the design of Uncrate, a blog about stuff dudes are probably interested in, like: cars, shiny things, computers, golf, tools, wine, etc.

It's very simple, very direct, and uses color values to establish your hierarchy of needs. Masthead and search are bright white; credits, subordinate links, and miscellaneous content in grey; Links in white areas in kind of a muted red, links in black areas in a light blue. It's a solid color scheme that would make Roger Black proud.

It's one of those "Geez. I wish I had done that" sort of things...although I sort of did if you look at my new design for ohTwentyone.