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feeling: Eh Again

Well, we (Greg, Nicole, Kevin, Bernie and I) went to watch "Iron Man" yesterday at the SENATOR theatre. Big disappointment. Not as large nor ornate as hoped, but the sidewalk outside was neat - it had blocks with company names, etc, in each square. The movie was goon, but wait through the credits to catch the end.

Then we went to dinner at Red Robin. We enjoyed catching up with each other. Greg drove so everyone got to see his new Audi. He's very happy with it.

Week 3 of sickness leave coming up. The doctors still think I have a pretty good chance of full recovery, but it may not fit my desired schedule - I may have to wait month-to-month. Dr. Singh wants to see me every 2 months, Dr. Mez wants every 3 months and the new doctor wants to start seeing me weekly, but I told him he has to wait in line, until I have Dr. Singh evaluate the recent test results - I have far too many doctors in my life right now.

Sleeping better now, am less dizzy, but still forget a lot - may, I hate drugs!