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OK, so this the beginning of my second week of Full Time Sick Leave and haven't adjusted yet. This i so BORING. A few of my friends from work have called and I ran into some at the stores, so I'm still managing to stay in touch. I've settled into a routine where I walk a couple of miles each morning. I've started loosing weight and getting a little better toned, I still have problems with my short term memory and my analytical skills - that's murder for an Engineer.
Today's Bernie's birthday - she's 37 today and looks 19 --- go ahead and tell her I said so! We're going to dinner tonite --- big party huh - wa-hoo!!! Do I know how to romance or not?
Nicole and Kevin are going to come down this weekend and we're going to go to a Scottish festival --- men in kilts type thing. I know Bernie's looking forward to that.
We're going to visit Dallas in June because Bernie has another conference. Have fun today.