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Here's an interesting article about how the discount HDTV screw you by refusing to service your TV (or even providing an "approved" service center that you could pay to repair it) after the warrantee period expires.

The basic gist is that the "2nd and 3rd Tier" manufacturers (Westinghouse, Olevia, Polaroid, Vizio, Insignia, etc...) don't cover much service while in warrantee (which run alarmingly short at between 90 days and 1 year), and do not provide any recourse, including paid service, after the ridiculously short period expires.

So, resist the urge to save a couple bucks to save a few hundred bucks on your new HDTV. If you have to have it serviced (even in-Warrantee) it'll cost you more to service it than you saved buying it. (You'll pay as much as $225 for return shipping, plus the service itself for many of them.)