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big grinOK, so I was out at Walmart Friday buying some posies and veggies as a surprise for Bernie. I had my T shirt on that's Black with a yellow smiley face on it in the from like the Walmart guy and a BIG smiley face on the back that i got at Lisa Hanley's Bat Mitzvah in 1998 (I never throw anything away). I was bent over looking at the flowers when a guy came up and asked me if I knew the price of some plants. I told him I didn't and pointed out someone that I thought could help him. A woman behind me whispered "It's because of the shirt you're wearing" and we all had a good laugh. I kept on shopping and went over to the veggies. I was looking at the tomatoes that didn't have a price on them and a woman walked up to look at the same plants. I walked away and found someone to get me the price. He came back with me telling me the price was right above the plants. Of course it wasn't so he went to find someone to give him the price. The woman walked away looking at other plants. The guy came back and told me the price so I found the woman and told her the price, picked out my plants, smiled at the lady who gave me a little smile and then I figured out that she probably thought I worked there too. Then I decided to have some fun so I walked over to the guy who helped me and told him that we felt he should wear a shirt like mine, but with a saying like "Yes, I am a Walmart employee." He looked like he was thinking about it and then responded with a stern look on his face and gave me a one word answer --- "NO!" rolls eyes rolls eyes rolls eyes