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So the reason that I haven't been blogging as much is because I can't blog from work. I don't know why but for the past month or so I have been able to read the content of the blog but I can't see the flickr pictures or anything in the column on the right side of the page, so I can't log in and blog.

Work has been crazy, every time we are afraid that things are getting slow a small emergency that the needed the information yesterday and you guys have this right? comes up, and it kind of sucks. On top of that I have been told that there are questions to why the mindless tasks of the office haven't been getting done, Oh and it gets better... I mean we allotted people time to do them the other week and then took that time away for a billable project that was high priority but people should want to work through their lunches, long after they have completed their eight hours and into the night because their boss wants (well I'm not going to go there but I think you get the point). GRRRRRRR

So on top of that we then have the new issue that they needed to buy new computers because we hired someone, and we have a part time intern who graduates this year and plans on staying on after graduation and we have a person that comes back every summer to work until she graduates. So they gave the two new computers to the people who are making an effort to push the program that we use and therefore need more in the technology department. So I was one of the people to receive a new computer (YEAH!!) but with that came a conversation straight out of a poorly written comic book. It was almost like he should have said, "With great power comes great responsibility" but he didn't (if he had I might have laughed- and no I don't worry about saying this here because I said it at work I mean after all I think it was kind of funny). What I'm not sure of is if my boss felt that I haven't been working as hard lately or just that he wants to make sure that I keep working just as hard, I don't know- it doesn't really matter because it isn't going to change how hard I work.

On a different note, I have been using my LEED AP status to work through some environmental diagrams on my lunch to assist this project with its desire to get certified I have been finding that to be enjoyable but I have chosen to do that, no body asked me to give up my free time!!!!! But apparently with the way that the project is going it is going to call for long days and short lunches from now until the end of May, which got me a little angry. It is one thing for me to give up my own time and another to be expected to just hand it over! And please remember I do not get paid overtime- or compensated for extreme over working and although it will assist with my desire to be taking the ARE's faster that desire can only carry me so far!

So if you haven't gotten to it yet, I'm angry! In fact I've been upset/angry a lot lately. It's not just work it seems to be almost every little thing. I feel like my creative side is being deprived some way and I need to do something artistic and not calculated. I mean work is very calculated, rock climbing is also very calculated (side note- rock climbing is going very well and we have begun to video tape ourselves so that we can share with you crazy people), so nothing that I'm up to right now is allowing me to just let loose and spatter paint on the walls!

If this makes sense to others please share ideas on how to get this need without destroying the habitual calculation that consumes the rest of me daily life.