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Last night I woke up to crazy lightening...thunder, a blanket of rain, some small hail and wind gust that sounded like a train. I hop out of bed, get mabel out of her crate (next to big windows) grab a leash and watch the news. The entire metroplex was in one HUGE JUMBO storm. I can't find any thing on the news yet, but someone told me that a tornado was spotted close to our house. The airport which is 1/4 mile away clocked winds at 75 miles an hour. Our school district is closed today because there's no electricity. Coming into work there's tons of damage, roofs off buildings, trees of my buyers houses who happened to close yesterday has a fence that broke in half. Spring weather here is Crazy!

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On Thursday, April 17th, Nicole said

I'm glad that you guys are okay! Things are calm here. And we are picking up Mom and Dad at the airport on Saturday.