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This morning my Time Machine disk went down after my USB hub decided it was pulling too much juice. It's the second time this has happened. It pisses me off something horrible. Especially considering that I wasn't at my desk, so it kept failing, attempting to remount, and then failing again until the disk was so badly damaged that it would no longer mount. (For you non-Nerds, when a disk mounts it becomes available to your computer's file system.)

After a half dozen or so unsuccessful attempts to repair the disk through Apple's included Disk Utility software, which is normally all I ever need, I had to resort to ->GASP!<- PAYING for a disk utility software.

The reason I'm writing about it though is to let all you other Mac users out there that DiskWarrior is, indeed, an excellent disk utility. I hope you never need it...but if you do, it's a superior program. It's easy to use, it does exactly what it said it would and, most importantly, it succeeded when all others failed. I haven't been this pleased with this type of software since the good old days when Peter Norton was on the bright yellow box.