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So, many of you won't care about this because you don't use Macs, and if you do, you don't use .Mac. So, you can tune out...Now. Everyone else, here's what I have to say. I'll keep it brief.

You know I love Apple, and El Jobso, and all of the wonderful things that they make. I have .Mac service because I wanted to make full use of all the fun tools that come with my computer, like iPhoto web galleries, iCal syncing, iWeb Publishing, etc. It's also great for trading large files with people who don't know how, or aren't allowed by their employers (or IT department) to run FTP software.

Here's my problem: When I upload files, I want it to tell me how it's going. The image above is what it shows me a the whole freakin' time I am uploading a file. I have no idea how much it's putting upstream, how fast, or when it'll be done. It drives me freakin' bonkers. I've been looking at that identical progress bar for well over 30 minutes at this point...and I don't know if it's just because it's a 190 MB file, or if it's because it's stalled out and I'm wasting my time.

So, my biggest feature request for my .Mac service is this: An Accurate Data Transfer Progress Bar. Or, at the very least, let me FTP files into my .Mac space. Cyberduck does a great job of telling me how it's going. ;-)