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So, this past weekend was all planned out. Kevin and I were cleaning on Friday, okay all went just fine. Saturday, we were supposed to go to the bank, rock climbing and be back 1/2 hr before Judy was supposed to arrive for showers. What actually happened- Bank (at 9 instead of 8 (learned what time they open on Sat) we were there until 10) then rock climbinbing 11 - 1, would have been fine except I took a bad fall and twisted my knee- the muscle hurt all day and all Sunday. Then because of the rain Judy was delayed so we went to lunch, and got back 1/2 hr to shower, so that was ok. Sunday the plan was to get up and go to theflower show, buy plants and go home. All fine, until we got home and I decided to work on the basement, cleaning up the ceiling tiles that verizon had to rip down, sounds like not a big deal- until I cut my thumb open from the top down and across the top of my knuckle. Now keep in mind that we were out all day and it is almost dinner time so we dealt with it ourselves, so now my thumb is in a splint! plain

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