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So, today is the start of MacWorld...also known as Christmas for Mac Users (or, in my house, "Real Christmas")...and as per usual Steve Jobs' keynote address had a bunch of great news for people who use Apple products (and people who own Apple stock).

1st: Software updates to the iPhone/iPod Touch. (Free for iPhone, $19.99 for iPod Touch) Making use of Google Maps' "Find Location" feature, which uses Cell Tower Triangulation to tell you where you are, instead of GPS; Multiple-Recipient SMS mesaging; Web Clips; Home Page customization; and the ability to watch movies rented through iTunes...Oops. Let it slip.

2nd: iTunes Rentals! You can now (after you update to iTunes 7.6) rent a movie for between $2.99 and $5.99 and watch it on your Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch and AppleTV. HD content is $1 more. The word on the street is that you'll have 24 hours to watch the movie...which makes me hope that the download times are better than the God-Forsaken (or maybe Jobs-Forsaken...because it wouldn't take God, just a manager that is user-focused) Amazon UnBox service, which has taken as long as 12 HOURS to download a 2 hour movie to my TiVo.

3rd: New Software for AppleTV. You no longer need a Mac or PC to put movies and music on AppleTV. Yay...this is how I always thought it should be. You also get the ability to look at Flickr and .Mac photo galleries. They also lowered the price to $229...which I am pretty cool with. We've been watching a lot of content off my laptop lately because of the writer's strike (, btw. Sign up for the beta.), so this is actually beginning to interest me.

4th: Time Capsule. It's a wireless router with a hard drive built in. It's how I thought Time Machine would work with my laptop and Airport Extreme when it came out. 500 GB for $299, 1TB for $499. I personally think that the way I am doing it now (with a WD Passport, so that it can go with me everywhere) is a perfectly fine system, so I probably won't get one. If you care.

5th: MacBook Air! I can't even start to explain it except to say it's super light, super tight, super bright. It weighs less than 3 lbs. It's less than and inch thick. (.76" to .16", hot damn), and had a multi-touch trackpad. It runs Leopard, and iLife, and all the other stuff you want. It doesn't have the biggest hard drive on there, but it's not for running PhotoShop (although I would totally load Dreamweaver on it) or Premier or After Effects, or whatever.

It's totally awesome for doing what I thought I wanted (and may again in the future) before I got mine, a desktop and an ultraportable laptop.

Anyway. Cool. This week will see lots more product announcements from Made-For-Mac manufacturers, but no more from the mothership.