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So, recently I've been thinking about doing a self portrait for the upcoming redesign of, and as part of my thinking I've been looking at the headshots that other designers that I respect use for publicity shots on their own sites. This is what I have gathered:

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So, I ask you, which are your favorites?
Is there something about me that I need to capture in my portrait?
Is it better to be professional, silly, personable, candid, dramatic, pensive, casual?

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On Thursday, January 10th, holly said

I wish it would be okay for you to just have a picture of your awesome gray converse. But, since you can't, I encourage a good 3/4 turn shot, for sure. You have a good 3/4 turn profile. Oh, and your glasses. They are very distinctive and graphic.
I am immediately turned off by people who look too serious and the pose/set-up looks really contrived - avoid that. See if you can achieve a "snapshot" style, something a bit more immediate/spontaneous.
Of the examples above, I like the cropping of the one in the bottom row, 2nd from the end. My least favorite are the last two in the 4th row down - they are leaning forward and just look constipated.


On Thursday, January 10th, Jon said

Thanks for the input Holly.

For the record, the only one you liked is Michael Beirut...a worthy designer to imitate if ever there were one. wink