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I just wanted to take a moment and let our families know that we are safe. So if someone could call mom and dad and let them know, or encourage them to use the webiste, and it would be awesome if someone could let Kevin and Judy know that we are okay.

St. Lucia is called the Helen of the Carribean because for 14 battles she was faught over by the french and English people, no wonder they speak both here, anyway, it is beautiful.

Kevin is at a treatment right now, which give me some time before we go to archery for our second class.

So to fill everyone in the short version: Sunday, our plane broke down before taking off and we had a small delay which just got us here in time for dinner (7:30pm) which was 3 hours late but I was just glad that they do all these tests before we take off unlike every other bride on the plane (there were lots) who I guess would rather died in the air but hey to each his own. on Monday, we met with our rep for off location activities and got a feel for the spa. We had our first treatment (which I will describe all treatments later) and attended fencing. Tuesday, we took a tour of the rain forest, on foot and by jeep and then came back for our second treatment and to find out that our shopping trip had been canceled for the next day. Wednesday we took a cab to the shopping district as we had moved around treatments to go so being who we are we went anyway. Then there was a cocktail hour with the instructors and we met some other couples. (speaking of which 90% British 5% american 5% other at our resort). I also didn't mention that I got sick yesterday and as Kevin pointed out to me the trip would not have been complete if I didn't get sick. Kevin went to a second fencing class while I stayed in bed. Which brings us to today, we got up and had a nice breakfast (which we have had everyday) went snorkeling (which was fun- but I must say a little scary at first) and we went to archery and lunch. Kevin is as I said at another treatment and at 3pm (our time) we will be meeting up at archery for round two. My treatment is tonight after 4pm tea but before 7:30 dinner. It is funny to be in England while in the islands.

Anyway, on a sour note, our camera broke on the first day so we have bought some one time use cameras and have had to used those for pictures, so don't be sad if it seems we don't have shots of everything.

Well we love you all and we can't wait to see you at Christmas!!! - Even though the holiday is already pissing you off Jon!

NB- This will be the only note until we get back 9pm on Sunday.