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Because everyone here will be travelling for Thanksgiving, we decided to have a small thanksgiving celebration last night...and I do mean small. As a joke, and because we like to play with our food, we decided to take "a small thanksgiving celebration" literally and make miniature items.

So, we started with a game hen for everyone instead of a turkey, micro-green salad, and individual bunt cakes for dessert. My contribution was a mini-au gratin potato for everyone, which I prepared from mixed fingerling potatoes (to keep the scale correct), smoked gouda, boursin, and cream, topped with panko bread crumbs and baked in a muffin tin, so that everyone got a little casserole to themselves.

In my opinion, there are a few really excellent components to a good Potatoes Au Gratin. First, you have the gooey cheesey potatoey part, aka the middle, then you have the crunchy top. In some cases it's a bread crumb thing, in others it's the potatoes themselves. Take your pick. The last really great part is the part along the outside, where conducted heat from the pan turns potatoes and cheese alike into a chewy, salty crust. It's possible for someone getting a serving from the interior of the pan to get only one or two of these three components...which is the advantage of the mini-au gratin. We all got all the parts...and we were all happy.

I think next time I'll leave out the Boursin though. The whole thing was just TOO creamy.

Next time, BTW, will be tomorrow. I'm making them again for my neighbors. LOL

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On Monday, November 19th, Jocelyn Potato and Cheese Lover Sandruck said

Keep the boursin. hold the cream.