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So I never really gave much thought to the way that stress changed my weight. I mean, I know that it makes certain people eat more when they are stressed and that Kevin's weight seems to melt off when he gets stressed. Anyway, I have been getting more and more stressed and I noticed that on Wed. I would typically weigh in heavy, recently I have struggled more and more to take off weight and I tried to work out more and eliminate the few bonuses that are in the plan and nothing. So I talked to the girl and we started talking about stress and the way my body has been acting. She told me to not work out and relax so that is what I am doing and since yesterday, I went from being 142 (at home) to 137 (at home). Just because last night I cleared my head and let my body just relax. I feel so great!!!

There's nothing that will keep me from losing those last 7 lbs (well except the food at the potential parties and gatherings that surround Halloween). hehe