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So, you know how when you work somewhere (retail) you sometimes get a discout (which kind people share with their friends). Well I wish I had a friend that worked at Crate and Barrel, becuase they have a vase called the ona vase and it would be perfect for the other centerpieces (since we needed 6 more) now kevin and I have "agreed" on something else but I really want these!!! The bad part is that they are 16 a piece and Kevin capped the price per vase at 10 so unless I can find them for 6 dollars cheaper (or if someone knows someone at Crate and Barrel wink wink) then I guess I will have to go with plan B.

I know it will all be over soon and I won't even remember that they weren't the ones I wanted.

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And then there is the little problem of business ethics......