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Home » Archives » October 2007 » tire blew out. [Previous entry: "I think this would be a good look for me..."] [Next entry: "Photos from My Birthday and our Austin Trip..."] 10/18/2007: " tire blew out." feeling: F***ing Great

As the title says, my tire blew out. So, I guess that decides the whole "what am I going to do about the noisy tires Dad gave me" conundrum...because I am sitting in a Subway having lunch while the fine folks at Discount Tire replace the offending equipment. Oh well.

On the way to the tire place, while driving on the donut, I noticed how much smoother and quieter the ride was...on the donut! So, perhaps the tires have been my problem all along. I guess we'll see soon enough.

[UPDATE] So, the tires, it seems, were the source and extent of my problems with my car...because the drive back to the office from the tire place was great. My car is SO quiet now, and it doesn't shudder during acceleration, and it doesn't sound like chitty-chitty-bang-bang.

Anyway. Way! My tire blew out and I had an excuse for buying new ones!