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So as some of you know I have started using the Pure weight loss system (formally LA weightloss- and apparently they have not changed their name everywhere just in some places). Anyway, yesterday was a weight in day (MWF are my days) and it was day 9 of the diet official starting (there is a 2 day detox- which they don't count as weeks) so anyway, in 9 days I have lost 6.8 lbs which is pretty amazing to me!

Anyway, I feel better, I look so much thinner and all I'm doing is walking a half an hour during lunch and we dance on Tuesdays (at the studio and when we can at home). Needless to say, that I'm not hungry all the time, the people that you check in with are nice and listen to me just talk about challenges or issues and everyday crap if you just want to talk. So yeah!!! hehe