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So, this weekend, as you will read below, we had a birthday party for me. As part of that birthday party I bought myself a present to share with the inner circle, a bottle of 1999 Rodney Strong Symmetry Meritage. A Meritage is a blended wine. They use the word Meritage to differentiate it from the other "Red Table Wines" that people put out made of mixed grapes. I'll explain it better some other time if you need me to.

Anyway. The wine was amazing. I payed more for that bottle than I had thought I would ever justify paying for a bottle...but it was totally worth it, because it was a totally awesome bottle of wine.

Anyway, as I was preparing to make this blog entry I went to look up the label to make that fancy-assed graphic I put in the corner, and low and behold, I happened to find a couple of prices for the '99 Symmetry (by Rodney Strong)...$75!

Let's just say I didn't pay anywhere near that much. The exorbitant amount I paid for it wasn't nearly that. Not even half. So, I feel now like it was an even better purchase. It was an awesome wine, and at an awesome price.

Let this be a lesson to you all, dig through the bins at Sam's Club and see if you can find the odd bottle off-vintage. I found my '99 in with the '01s.