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We had a birthday party for Jon Saturday night. The theme was a slumber party. Guest were invited to wear PJ's and the food was themed. It was all blankets, pillows or beds. Here is the list of food that Jon and I made:

-Stromboli Sleeping Bag
-Safety Blanket in a Blanket: A take off of our staple appetizer, asparagus, Boursin and prosciutto. We made that bundle and wrapped it again in a doughy blanket
-Pigs in a Blanket

-Curry Veggie Pillow with a cilantro yogurt sauce
-Phyllo pillows with a cherry on top. Phyllo, Cherry Pecan Jam and a small dollop of a soft herby cheese

-Cucumber beds with tarragon goat cheese topped with diced greenbeans
-Couch potato-Chip, herby sour cream, and a peice of bacon and chive artfully placed on top
-Endive bed with Wasabi-Broccoli Slaw and Mini-Maryland Crab Cake

Of course we had an ORANGE carrot cake for the birthday cake.

It was a great night. Our house feels great when it's full of people, food and wine.

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On Monday, October 8th, Jon said

Uh, it's worth mentioning that it was a sheet cake.