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Jon and Joc----did you have a tasting for the food served at your wedding? and Joc was your mom freaking out over whether or not she could attend said tasting?

You can see where this is going----I love our mom but a note to her- the wedding is not in MD and not everyone is accomadating to other people's lives (I'm sorry but I will not feel guilty about picking the reception site that I really wanted).

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On Wednesday, October 3rd, Me again said

And Kevin says I shouldn't feel guilt, because it is the right place for us (just not the right hotel for all of our guests to stay at). (Sorry guests)

On Wednesday, October 3rd, Jon said

We didn't have a tasting for the food because we made arrangements from TX to MD.

Really, I think that fact alone (the distance) made it easier because we couldn't obsess about details that we couldn't see/taste/smell.

On Thursday, October 4th, Jocelyn said

Ditto to Jon