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So, Jocelyn was right, I have something to say about getting rid of all my books.

It sucks, but it is also cool. I got rid of a lot of books. A lot of them were really important to me a few years ago, but I will never read them again, and I wouldn't recommend them to a friend, and I don't think they fit into my "A person's library says something about them" theory.

So, the only things I kept were the various design books, things of literary importance, and things of emotional significance. I got rid of a lot of software manuals, instructional texts, paperback mystery novels, audiobooks, Anne Rice stuff, things I never got around to reading, Michael Crichton books (except the ones with covers designed by Chip Kidd, anything designed by Mr. Kidd gets a free pass) and books that people have given me that I have no intention of reading.

What did I get for my collection? $50. Yikes!

On the upside, it did free up a ton of bookshelf space, and in the shop where I sold my books, I found a bevy of some of the most treasured annual design books, the Graphis Annuals. I spent $160 (after 20% off) on Graphis Annuals ranging from 2002 to 2004 in Design, Poster, Logo, Corporate ID, and Photography.

So now the new collection has started. Graphis Annuals are there awesome hardbound black monotliths of books, and I know have 9 of them to start the collection. I've also finally subscribed to Communication Arts, so very soon the bookshelves will be filled with CA and Graphis Annuals.

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On Thursday, September 6th, Nicole said

I think that part of the moral of this story is that you shouldn't give a person a book unless you know the want it, need it or will love it! This message goes out to all those who think that books are the answer to all life's little problems!

I love TV!!! And there's nothing you can do about it!!!