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I have been trying to lose weight, I walk everyday at lunch for 25 minutes or so. I try to work out everynight at home, but it only seems to happen on a couple of nights instead of everynight. I am also eating a ton of veggies (yes mom - the weight watchers amount of veggies) and I just keep circling, this wouldn't sound bad if the circle didn't conquer 8 lbs of difference from the top to the bottom of the scale. This just sucks.

I was actually doing better before I went back to work, because at home we don't have goodies all over the place- people bring in dougnuts every friday (there has been 1 friday without doughnuts). Anyway, I irritable and frustrated which makes it that much harder to try harder and work off more- I guess that means I won't be winning my deal with Kevin any time soon and won't be able to wear my 130 lb (as in I reached 130lbs) dress to the rehearsal dinner- as I don't think that I can lose that much weight in 2+ months.

So, Grrr.

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On Saturday, September 1st, Jocelyn said

Helpful Hints...maybe. Bring snacks to work. Instead of eating a bad for you treat, reach for your preportioned snack. Have one ready in the morning and afternoon. Drink lots of water, green tea, etc add fruits to the water too. And make sure you're eating enough. Those are my thoughts.