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So, in an effort to have the baddest-ass mobile design rig in the whole world, I downloaded and installed the VMWare Fusion trial, the newest Virtualization solution for running PCs on my Mac, just to check it out.

So, I am running Windows 2000 on it, in fact, I am writing this entry from the Win2K Virtual Machine right now, and I am REALLY pleased with it. In fact, I am SO pleased with it that I am a little upset that it came out after I had already bought, installed, and figured out Parallels on my MacBook Pro, and on my Dad's MacBook!

Because, here's the deal, this thing is fast! And, although I haven't really asked it to do any heavy lifting yet, it is really snappy, and it feels MUCH better to use than Parallels.

The installation went smoother, it doesn't crash when I run Windows Update (which Parallels, frustratingly, does) and the general interface, light-weight applications and rendering web sites in IE6 all happen WAY faster in general.

It could be because it was built from the ground up in Cocoa, for Mac, instead of pulling technology from a Linux product and getting it to run on a Mac by strapping on open source products (like MacFuse).

Anyway. I am very pleased. My trial runs out in 30 days. If Parallels pisses me off sufficiently by the time it runs out, I may be switching to VMWare.