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So, this past weekend Kev and I went up to Malvern, PA to take part in the pre-cana retreat. Before I tell you how it went there is something you must understand, Kev and I have issues (not with each other), with some of the ideals and justifications that the church makes for things.

During the weekend, we were talked to by a couple (with their two kids) on how to live after marriage and that chastity does not end on your wedding day. Then there was the group leader (who was great) who talked about the romance in the Bible and finding it in everyday life (his example was the clean underwear that his wife made certain he alwasy had). And then we were lectured on natural family planning.

Over the weekend we also took part in confession, and I would just like the priests of the world to know that life is not black and white, and sometime the "good" decision isn't actually a choice. So if you would really like to know how things went, then you should feel free to ask but I will tell you this the food was always interesting.

And Kevin and I talk to each other about everything, we always have- he might be the only person (priests included) that I have ever been truly honest with- so it was nice to just talk (not that we always discussed what they wanted us to but oh well).

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On Wednesday, August 8th, Jon said

You know, Jocelyn and Dav and I were talking about this the other day...about the Church's ridiculous stance on birth control, sex as recreation (especially within a marriage) and bearing children.

Also - Clean Underwear ≠ Romance.