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Last night Jon and I made food for the week. We now have a frittata stuffed with veggies for breakfast. Orange chicken Pita with Tahini Dressing and stuffed with more veggies for lunch. An assortment of flavorful toppings including a freshly made cilantry chutney to accompany crackers and cheese for a snack. For dinner we have Sante Fe Chicken with a marinade that smells like a great base for guacamole and a grilled veggie pasta primavera. I'll report back at the end of the week with the tasty results.

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On Wednesday, July 25th, Jocelyn said

Fritatta-hmm, tasty. even as a leftover.

Orange chicken pita-very tasty. Lots of flavors. I''m going to post the recipe.
Sante Fe Chicken, tasty and moist. Yum.
Pasta Primavera is tonight with Uncle Bill and Aunt Terri.