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So, we had an eventful weekend. Ed & Nancy took us to Lonesome Dove for Ed/Jocelyn's Birthdays. Fan-Frickin'-Tastic. You may recall from last time that I ate a bunch of animals that I hadn't eaten before.

Well, this time I had Pork. It was great pork. They had a lot of seafood on the menu, which changes daily, so the choices were a little slim for the non-fish eater, but the pork I had was awesome. The other things we all ate were:

BBQ Duck Spring Roll : Which was awesome. Pretty straight forward, except for some very nice micro-herbs that were in there.

Borsin-Stuffed Kangaroo Carpaccio Nachos: We've had these before. They're very good. Who knew it could be so tasty to eat a giant, cute, fuzzy nuisance. With the rate that Kangaroos are overrunning Australia (the Autralian government orders over 5000 Kangaroos be killed every year because they are a hazard and a pest), it might be the closest thing to sustainable carnivorism.

DayBoat Sea Scallops: I've never eaten a scallop before. These had a nice spicy, sweet sauce with some nice crunchy things that I cannot, truthfully, remember their name. I ATE A SCALLOP!

and... Buffalo Femur! Truthfully, (and don't hunt me down and kick my ass, Chef Love) I didn't like it. It tasted weird, was REALLY slippery (although when he made them on Iron Chef he did say it was all denatured protein, not fat), and kind of funky. Not my bag. Others at the table really enjoyed it though, so I am sure it was just a personal preference thing on my part.

Then, after our extravagant dinner in Fort Worth we decided the night wasn't over. We went to Putt-Putt Fun Land and played Putt-Putt, and drove Go-Karts and played video games. It was totally fun!

Dad, Greg, we're going there when you guys come down. We have a bucket of tokens left over!

Then, Sunday morning Jocelyn got up nice and early and made Peanut-Butter Pancakes, her new culinary invention...which RULE! We're gonna make you guys some of those while you're here too.

Anyway. Big weekend. wink