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So, as you can see, the site has style again. (Not that I did anything awesome...when I saw it has style, I mean that I have written and implemented the cascading style sheets document for it.) It took a suprisingly smal amount of time to actually do what I set out to do here, and I am really pleased with how it's turned out.

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This is what I look like while I code. Scary, right?

Anyway, you'll notice that I've added a tiny, but very useful feature in the sidebar of the site. You can now login (and by You I mean registered users, such as my family and friends who have logins) directly from any page on the site.

The more exciting part of the implementation of that login item is that I have figured out how to use a very cool feature of the system on which this site is built. It's going to make it much easier to implement custom code throughout the site. So, although I have been meaning to implement some small, but interesting scripts, I have been afraid that they would be a pain in the ass to administer, and have therefore not implemented them. But now, I can mess with them in a self-contained way...which makes it way easier to test and fix, and generally figure out.