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Well, I've finally done it. I've been talking about it since they announced Dual-Core Mac laptops. I said "once Adobe releases CS3, I'll be getting a new machine."

Well, this morning they released CS3 Master Collection, and this afternoon I ordered my new MacBook!

My new baby will be a 17" MacBook Pro, with the High-Def screen and the 250 GB HDD (that's a hard drive, duh) and dual 2.4 GHz processors. Booyah!

My current iMac has a single 1.8 GHz process, so this will be a significant boost in power, speed and, for me, productivity!

The other really cool thing is that the HD Screen is 1920x1200 pixels. My iMac's screen is 1680x1050 pixels. That's an extra 30% of workspace! I am so pumped to be portable and not have to give up workspace, in fact, gain some!

I should get it in a week or so. It's a custom it takes a little time. I can't wait!