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Okay, so this isn't a strictly "Design is..." entry. It's close though. Maybe I'll start a new category for these.

The principle difference between designers and "regular" people is:

We are willing to think about things that are uncertain for much longer, in a much more intellectually rigorous manner. We turn out things that "look" or "work" (I would argue they can be the same thing) better because we spend more time, think harder, and think critically. Of course we have technical skills. Anyone can learn those skills though. You can know photoShop, or CAD, or Dreamweaver inside and out, and still turn out absolute CRAP.

Design is really about treating thinking as a craft in and of itself.

I was explaining to Keith that it's like making and buying furniture. You can go to IKEA, which will look almost like what you want right now, and will fall apart about the time that it goes out of style. Or, you can go to Herman Miller, where the furniture will be crafted either by hand or micro-produced, original designs, and built to last for 50, maybe 100 years.

If you think about thinking the same way, you get carefully, lovingly brain-crafted ideas from designers. ;-)