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So, Steve took the comic to a comic convention in philly a couple of weeks ago and showed it some of you already know.

Well, he e-mails me this morning and says "Hey. Ape (a pretty big indie publisher) is interested in the book, but wants to see some pages in color."

So, guess that that means? It means I am going to be coloring Flacks. Assuming someone picks it up, I'll be coloring all 28 pages every month. (Yikes!)

Overall it means the book is good, and publishers are interested. Steve said that, beyond Marvel and DC, Ape was essentially the only publisher there, so the fact that they've responded in the affirmative is pretty freakin' positive feedback.

Steve is kind of torn, inasmuch that he's really happy with Ape exhibiting some positive response...but also feels like most of the publishers haven't seen the book yet, and he's anxious about waiting a few weeks and seeing a bunch more publishers in San Diego to see what they think of it.

I think it's great. I hope Ape decides they want it. I hope Image decides they want it too in a couple of weeks. Let's get it started. ;-)

At this point, I'm just happy to be doing cool work in an industry that I had dreamed of working in when I was 11. Not a lot of people get to fall ass-backwards into working with their friends, on a project they believe in, fulfilling a childhood ambition in the process.

Ain't Life Grand?

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On Thursday, June 28th, Nic said

great job Jon!!! I'm so proud of you!

On Sunday, July 1st, Bernie said

As we are doing mad crazy housecleaning, I came across some old comic book syle sketches of yours....