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feeling: Really tired. Again. Damn.

So, you'll notice that the blog is undergoing some changes. Well, maybe you won't. Perhaps you aren't very observant, you dullard. wink

Anyway. The blog is undergoing changes. You'll notice that I have banished the "top entry" with the paintball videos to the sidebar. I'm sure that many of you are thankful for that.

And, I banished the Google AdWords from the site too. They weren't generating anything, and they were slowing the site down on IE browsers (which, stupidly, don't render until everything loads).

I also changed the header graphic, and I am making more of those. I am currently writing a script that will randomly choose from a series of header graphics...which I invite you all (and by you all, I mean the people who have accounts on the site) to make and submit. Make them 720x116px and in jpg, gif, or png format.

ANYWAY. I digress. I am also trying to think of other things to do to the blog, because I am thinking that a complete overhaul might be needed, especially in light of the unexplainable CSS issues in IE7. So, if I DO overhaul the blog, does anyone have any ideas about formating?

I mean, it'll still have the same basic functions, and the backend will more than likely look the same...and work the same, but does anyone have anything they'd like to see?

If I were to mock up some ideas, would any of you even bother looking at them and giving me input?