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So what is it that Red means? Well in this case it is not product Red, although I am still a supporter (I know that Mom thinks this is a waste of money, but as it is not her money I don't have to listen to her).

No, this time it is about me being Red, and not my hair. Yesterday was the annual bike race in Philadelphia and I went over to my friends for a day of drinking, yelling at bikers, eating, and meeting lots of people. You see I went to Allison and Jason's new house. Allison and I lived together in Rome, and Jason lived with Kevin, so we all know each other very well. Our friend Jenny is also currently staying with them, and Al's little sister lives there too. So there was a mix of people from old and new friends, friends of friends and more. So during this long day, which was only in the 70s, it was nice to walk around and sit out in the cloudy to sun weather. Not thinking about it, I had a little too much to drink and no sunscreen, so yup I am rosy.

As I am aware of my ease of burning, I did wear a t-shirt and not a tank so I'm not in pain and my face is only red around my nose.

Anyway, that's what is going on now in the world of Kevin and Nicole.

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On Monday, June 11th, Bernie said

You need sunscreen even in a snow storm!!!!!