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This week Jon, Keith and I went to the gas station for some hot choco. I park, lock the car and go inside. When I return my car key is not on my key chain. I look inside the car and on the ground. Nope. Not there. My mind splits into two realities. My own make believe world and the real world that we all live in. The Real world tells me to keep looking in the car, stay calm, I only had the keys out two time, to get out of the car and to enter the car. My make believe world pretended that David Blane ( a magician) was at the gas station and he magically took my key of the keyring and was waiting for all three of us to leave the unattended car and look for the key inside. He was then going to steal my car with my purse, cell phone and computer inside. He's a magician and scanned my car quickly for it's contents. This whole process my real brain was telling my imagination to take a hike but it was difficult! I found the key in the side pocket of my door. Silly Key and silly me.