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So, like I said. IE sucks. Has for a long what else is new, right?

Well, here's what's up.

IE7 was supposed to be the version that brought IE into pace with the rest of the standards compliant, God fearing, reasonable web browsers in the know universe. Well, it doesn't.


If you are looking at this site in IE7, as I did this morning for the very first time, you'll see that it is tremendously fucked up. Can I figure out why? No. Know why? Because it's not having any problems in any other browser, and the logic in the CSS and HTML Markup is all solid (it hasn't changed in three years, for crying out loud) and it didn't used to do this in IE 6 or 5.5, which means it isn't a "legacy bug." So, this is a totally NEW, IE7 Specific, tremendously screwy bug!

It also has this weird bug where it anti-aliases text, but if you use a .png file with alpha transparency and the bgsleight.js javascript, it un-anti-aliases the text as the CSS loads, so I look like a jerk, because as people are updating their browsers their sites look like ass!

Anyway. IE 7 blows. Or sucks. Or whatever. I am mad.